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Loans for bank bans

Do you want a loan in Switzerland but have a bank account in France? Can you G and your data in France prevent you from accessing the consumer credit? Not sure how to clean your data and get access to a bank account again?
Prohibited “persons are natural persons who have issued an NSF check that has been rejected by a Lite Lender. That is, a check that exceeds the amount available in their account. There are no bank bans in Switzerland because there are no checks gives.

Some more detailed explanations in our article.

In such a case, the debtor / customer receives a warning from the bank asking them to pay the missing amount to their account within 7 days, so that the issued check becomes valid with the threat of being blocked.

The customer must then pay the amount necessary for the cashing of the check and must not be noted in the Lite Lender file as “excluded from banking”.


What are the consequences for a customer who is excluded from banking?


Although the name of a bank block can be scary, don’t worry, it’s usually just about issuing checks in France. However, this has more painful consequences, such as:

  • Registration with the Lite Lender headquarters
  • The payment of all your check books
  • Ban checks for up to 5 years (on all bank accounts of a Lite Lender).
  • The fees charged by the bank take back your payment and credit cards.

In Switzerland, for example, you can no longer receive a personal loan because your move from the Lite Lender is not “virgin”.


How do we get out of such a situation?

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The best solution is to pay the amount of the rejected check as soon as possible, if possible within at least 7 days.
Your banker then has 2 days to inform the Lite Lender. This will remove your negative entry in the central check register. If you have not been able to do this in time and it is too late, and if the entry has already been noted in the central file of the Lite Lender, then you should contact your bank as soon as possible.

There will be a more complicated discussion to negotiate individually with the bank that “announced” the case of the payment once you were able to update your “updated” account.


Is it possible to get a loan with bank restrictions in Switzerland?

Is it possible to get a loan with bank restrictions in Switzerland?

If you have a G license, the ban ban will prevent you from getting a personal loan. As mentioned above, you must first change your registration with Lite Lender.

However, each case is unique and contains its own peculiarities.
If a cross-border commuter in Switzerland needs a personal loan, the list of requested documents differs from that of “classic” customers. We ask, among other things:

  • A copy of the G permit
  • A copy of the payslips
  • A copy of an EDF bill or phone bill to justify your address.
  • A copy of the accounts in France, but also your bank accounts in Switzerland.
  • A copy of the Lite Lender, for the famous “non-banking ban”.

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